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We always wonder who John D. and Ann M. really are. Do site owners actually make up favourable testimonials for themselves? That is something we just simply never even consider doing. All of the testimonials written below are from actual clients who actually ordered hemp food from us. If we edited the testimonial, it was to remove personal information or details that shouldn’t be made public.

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Hemp Oil Reviews

Fast, customer service=5star, great prices! Ill buy again for my business

Ryan R.
October 11 2017

High Quality. I like the kind that is dark green.

Jason D.
October 09 2017

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Whole Hemp Seeds Reviews

cheap reliable fast perfect for smoothie/ chocolate drinks I make (hethermanhealth.org) for recipes!!!

Richard H.
November 18 2017

Great :blush:

Christopher B.
October 03 2017

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Hulled Hemp Seeds (Hearts)

Chi products are consistently excellent, and promptly delivered.

Max W.
October 28 2017

Fast service, good pricing, durable packaging - and coming from Canada I feel comfortable knowing it’s not from some unregulated countries.

Jonathan W.
September 03 2017

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Hemp Protein Powder

Amazing product, the oil is light and delicious and perfect for frying EVERYTHING. Great tasting and high quality. The protein powder gives me energy for the entire day and makes me feel amazing. Recommend to anyone.

Chase P.
July 30 2017

Fast Delivery! Great Product! Happy to support the supplier! 5lb bag is Major Savings!

Michelle L.
June 09 2017

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Hemp Flour

This product was high quality and got to me fast! And they shipped from Canada. Definitely ordering again!

Nolan K.
September 05 2017

as good as it gets, I like the taste of it and it goes very well into any meal that I used to use regular flour, I'll be buying some more :) thanks!

kevin p.
April 27 2017

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