About Us

About Us

Hempfood.ca is owned and operated by Chi Hemp Industries Inc., a Canadian corporation headquartered in Victoria BC. The Corporation is in the business of providing a source of hemp oil to both the general public and to wholesale accounts.

Over the last 10 years we have been working toward our vision of having hemp seed products like hemp oil as a mainstream food item, one where people recognize the nutritional values of hemp oil and hemp seed and can make use of the proteins and oils in the seed on a daily basis. We know that many of the food and nutrition related issues of the planet can be solved by using hemp seed as a world protein source. We can use the perfect protein of the seed to reduce our dependance on animal meat and we can use the excellent essential fatty acids (EFAs) of the seed to help to maintain our immune systems.

During the last 10 years we have directly spoken to tens of thousands of people and provided information to unknown numbers, trying to raise awareness in a grassroots campaign to get more people to eat hemp. We have now moved our efforts to the web and look forward to providing as much hemp food to as many people as possible for the lowest price.

We are working hard, doing anything we can, so that we are able to offer hemp seed to a broad range of clients who are looking for the best possible quality and nutritional value for their money.

Wholesale Prices

We do not offer a true wholesale price list on the web, we feel that everyone should have the same access to hemp products at the same prices when ordering small volumes. We consider our posted prices as being wholesale, as they significantly undercut many of our competitors. Of course we also offer lower pricing should you need it. If you are looking for deeper discounted prices, and you intend to order large quantities, feel free to contact us, we certainly can accommodate any necessary price point. We want your business, let us provide you a quote you can work with. Unfortunately, we cannot offer deep discounts to small orders, we know you understand.


Our only barrier to providing inexpensive hemp food is the cost of shipping. We do not mark up our shipping prices, this simply is not our mandate but our margins are not large enough to allow us to offer any deals on shipping either. We simply pass on the cost to you, it is all we can do. All US orders include a brokerage fee which ensures that your order will enter the US smoothly and quickly.

Thank you from Chii

We look forward to providing you with a reliable, well priced, exceptional quality source of hemp seed products. Thank you for your visit, we hope to win you as our client.

Chi Hemp Industries Inc.

Victoria B.C.