Hemp Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is truly Nature’s wonder food. We sell two varieties of hemp seed oil. We have created the very highest possible quality for our certified organic hemp oil in order to bring you the very best nutritional content. The certified organic hemp seed oil is intended for daily human consumption. It is also excellent to feed to animals such as horses, dogs and other pets.

We also offer a conventional hemp seed oil, while this hemp oil is also intended for human consumption. If eating a non-certified organic product is something you don’t mind doing, this oil is fine for you. We prefer the organic variety, but it is of course your choice. The main reason why we offer this oil is as an “industrial grade” oil for soap, cosmetic products and large animal feed needs.

This product is 100% Canadian grown hemp seed oil cold pressed from viable hemp seeds on demand for maximum freshness.

If you require more detailed information about hemp oil please visit our site dedicated to hemp oil at Hemp Oil .ca.

Retail Sizes of Organic Hemp Seed Oil – 500 ml

Bottle Size 1 x 450 ml 3 x 450 ml 6 x 450 ml
Cost per $10.95 $32.85 $65.70


Retail Case Sizes of Organic Hemp Seed Oil – 500 ml

Package Size 12 x 450 ml
1 case
24 x 450 ml
2 cases
36 x 450 ml
3 cases
48 x 450 ml
4 cases
Cost per $127.95 $255.90 $383.85 $511.80


Bulk Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Container Size 4 L 20 L 200 L
Cost per $59.95 $314.95 $2350.00


Bulk Conventional Hemp Seed Oil

Container Size 4 L 20 L 200 L
Cost per $49.95 $239.95 $1630.00


Wholesale prices are available on bulk orders.