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We offer raw hemp food products. In the past, we have created value added products from the hemp seed but we feel that it is better to sell the raw product to our clients, and provide them with the recipes and information they need to produce hemp food on their own. This allows you to experience the hemp food in the freshest possible way, rather than have the product sit on the shelf for too long waiting for someone to purchase it. The longer the hemp seed food sits, the less nutritious it becomes. With producing a product that has to sit on a shelf, either you sacrifice freshness and are willing to sell a product that may be rancid by the time it reaches the consumer, or you add preservatives or you remove the things that create the lack of freshness in the first place. The items that are removed to extend shelf life are exactly the things you want to eat hemp seeds in the first place, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). EFAs are the oils in hemp seed that are so very important to retain and consume, as they are essential parts of your diet.

Because of this freshness issue and the whole reason why our modern day diets are so low in EFAs, because they cannot exist in a product that has a ling enough shelf life to be sold in a supermarket, the only way to circumvent this problem is to do exactly what we offer, products sold with as few steps from the farmer as possible, as well as use processing methods that guarantee the highest possible quality and greatest freshness of the product.

If there is processing to do, like sterilization of the whole seed or pressing of the seed for oil, we do it in small batches so that the items you receive are as fresh as they possibly could be. Rather than do the processing in large batches and stocking the end product possibly for months, we offer products that are stored for the shortest amount of time and are packaged for the highest possible quality and freshness.

By selling directly to the consumer, we can provide the ultimate in live, fully uncompromised nutritious wonder foods. You will not be disappointed with out quality, freshness and flavour. We can only hope that as people begin to realize the importance of live, fresh foods, we will see a return to the times of old when everything we ate was fresh from the garden or preserved in such a way that the foods retained the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oils that make fresh foods so important.

To begin, you can increase your vitality, your health and your general sense of wellness by including hemp seed products in your diet. You will find that by adding even a small amount of hemp seed products will make a difference to your feeling of wellness, to your energy levels and to your general good health.